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Thursday , March 21 2019
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Verified Expert Lawyer: Mital Makadia

Verified Expert Lawyer: Mital Makadia

Mital Makadia began her legal career at the East Coast, working with a law firm, but nearly a decade ago, she entered the early pioneering work of the Silicon Valley long-term boutique (19,459,002) Grelles Shah . She will work with the company on a range of common entrepreneurial issues, but she and the company also focus on individual founder representatives (when it comes to this).

As part of the interview below, we discussed the controversial clause in the list of terms – she finally wrote a guest article about the biggest problem she saw in the A series of documents. Read her here, then take a look at what should pay attention to in the VC terms list .

Focus on the founder:

"We approach this approach to protect the founder. So we don't intend to please VC. If this means that the way to review the transaction is slightly different from the way investors are used to it, then that's fine for us. It's almost It is our philosophy."

From a different perspective:

"For me, I have used enough financing rounds to understand what venture capital firms tend to push, and what is the market at a particular point in time. But just because of a clause It may be a clause that my client may have to give up, depending on the negotiation leverage, and I make sure my client understands how it affects the company and its founders. I don't just think of it as a “market.” Sometimes in these conversations, I will tell the client a reasonable question that we can solve creatively. However, when you review the terms list, this requires you to have a founder's hat – not a VC hat."

The second time:

"Now, we have a lot of customers coming to us, whether they are through mergers or acquisitions, or whether they are merging, or whether they are through a financing roundtable, there may be lawyers representing the company, but who wants our advice to protect the founding People."

Below, you'll find the founder's advice, complete interviews, and more details, such as pricing and cost structure.

This article is part of the ongoing series {19590002}covering early entrepreneurial lawyers whose founders like to work with me, based on this investigation And our own research. The survey is open indefinitely, if you have not already done so, please fill out. If you are trying to navigate an early legal mine, be sure to check out our growing in-depth articles, such as the list of jobs you need to complete as the first year of a company.

Full visit:

Eric Eldon: I really want to know how you work with startups because you are very concerned early in your career.

Mital Makadia: In fact, I have not started a legal career with startups. After graduating from law school, I did a general corporate job at a large company in New York and the District of Columbia. It feels like a lifetime.

I finally moved to the West Coast when I got married. When I started looking for work here, I met Grellas Shah. I can't say that my goal is necessarily to work with startups. But from the first day I liked this approach.

Of course, I immediately like to work with entrepreneurs. Brilliant new ideas, enthusiasm, optimism, professional ethics and ambition are infectious.

But I like a lot of this approach is to work with and learn from our company's founder, George Grellas. George has been working in Silicon Valley since 1983 and has truly seen the ups and downs of the technology industry. In large part, due to his reputation as a keen but practical start-up lawyer, our company has built an enviable customer base, which is an ideal platform for me to start my own career in the entrepreneurial world.

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